At IPM Asset Solutions, we believe that anything your company owns is important, and that’s why we provide a wide variety of tools to track assets in any industry.  We can handle a service specific solution, but that isn’t where our expertise stops.

Any asset can be tracked in our system: fixed assets, consumables, returnables and even human assets if you require it. Knowing what you have and where it is can be crucial to your operation and planning. Being able to track the flow of inventory and establish trending enables your business to deploy as-needed ordering, lowering the overall cost of maintaining stock. Accuracy in your fixed inventory decreases the need for periodic inventories efforts and lowers exposure in audits.  Knowing where your people are improves efficiency in work flow management and lowers liability. IPMAS considers anything important to your operation to be an asset and is ready to track everything within the same solution.

  • RFID software solutions

  • Back-Office software solutions

  • Custom middleware and reporting solutions

  • Complimentary onsite analysis

  • Integration with existing operations or systems

  • Inventory solutions for any industry

No two sets of assets are the same. We have taken a modular approach to our software and architecture that allows us to assist our clients with their unique inventory management needs. Whether you need a data collection tool to enhance existing systems or a comprehensive end-to-end solution, IPMAS can help.

IT Assets

Our innovative approach to IT Assets leverages existing IT staff to maintain inventory accuracy through the course of their normal job with negligible impact to their current work load.  By tracking critical data fields and locations on a daily basis, our solution virtually eliminates the need for end to end inventory efforts while maintaining better than 95% accuracy.


Warehousing is more than just storage of products. It encompasses asset management, shipping and receiving, asset on boarding, order processing, inventory maintenance, and workflow management. Our tool combines all these efforts into a seamless solution. Since it is web delivered, stake holders can review inventory levels and order flow from any internet capable device.


Sometimes it’s not enough to know what assets you have onstite. You have to be able to track assets once they leave your location. Our tool can interface with 3rd party shipping companies or provide cargo tracking if you provide your own shipping service.

Returnable Assets

Nothing can prevent the loss of some returnable items. Whether they are palettes, drum containers or books in a high school, quite often returnable assets are lost or damaged. Our solution dramatically reduces the number of lost returnable items while providing an electronic chain of custody so that those items that don’t get returned can be pursued for reimbursement.

Software and Product Catalog

Review our standard asset tracking modules, data reports and manufacturing partners. Modules can be customized or combined into a comprehensive tracking solution.

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