Project Description

When we met our warehouse client, they were still processing orders manually.  Their customers sent orders via e-mail.  Our client would print the e-mail and take it to the warehouse to use as a pick list for the order.  Once it was collected, they would return to a computer to adjust the client’s inventory documentation which was tracked by spread sheet.  Once the spreadsheet was updated, they would send it to their customer via e-mail along with shipping information that was also generated manually.  To prevent warehouse stock from dropping too low, each customer has a designated reorder point for each item so that reorders can be processed.  This was accomplished with periodic manual reviews.

As professional as our client is, this was a difficult process for anyone to handle accurately once their business started to grow.  They needed the kind of help that IPM Asset Solutions provides.  As always, we started with a site visit and process review to determine the right configuration for our application.  Critical data fields and features were determined.  Our client was an active participant in designing the solution that would allow them to grow their business without increasing planned staffing.  Since our application is readily configurable for new clients, we were able to start initial pilot testing in very little time.  We started with their most challenging customer situation, a global exercise equipment manufacturer that distributed across North America through our client’s facility.

To add a level of complexity, the exercise manufacturer had an asset tracking system of their own that had to be integrated into ours in order to be effective. Orders from the customer’s system were pushed to our solution where they populated a work queue.  Each order could be printed as a pick list or be pushed to a portable RFID reader.  Now, once the order is collected and in the staging area, it is scanned and processed for shipment.  The number of items in available stock is reduced appropriately and our link to the shipping service generates a tracking number that is attached to the order in the queue.   The completed order is pushed back to the customer’s system of record.  If any item stocked in the warehouse drops below the predetermined reorder point, a notification is automatically provided to the warehouse supervisors so that appropriate action can be taken.  The warehousing company’s own customers have been provided with web-based access to our tool where they can see their current inventory and refill orders as necessary.  Once an order is complete, it is updated with shipping information and the same stock reorder notifications if applicable.

Our warehouse client is now positioned to grow without fear of overheating their process.  Speed and accuracy have increased and their business has doubled without the need to increase staff.  They have added another warehouse to accommodate new business and are enjoying their new position as technology innovators in their industry.  IPM Asset Solutions would like to add your company to a growing list of satisfied clients that are reaping the benefits of working smarter and not harder.