IPMAS is now able to offer an even greater value to our clients.  We are partnering with The Interlocal Purchasing system, “TIPS”.

TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative offering its members access to competitively procured purchasing contracts. Membership in the TIPS purchasing co-op is free and is open to any entity that accepts public funds. TIPS is housed at and managed by the Region 8 Education Service Center in Pittsburg, Texas.

IPMAS will offer technology supplies and software to TIPS members at a substantial discounted rate, specifically RFID hardware, tags and asset tracking software modules. The IPMAS team has developed an inventory tracking software that tackles the unique challenges faced by school districts. While we have always focused on providing Fortune 500 services at small business pricing to our clients, this partnership strengthens our commitment to delivering efficient and effective asset management to our clients at the best possible price.

IPMAS’ acceptance into the TIPS Vendor Program included working with our hardware suppliers to develop a pricing matrix that would be attractive to the TIPS members. We appreciate our relationship with our suppliers Unitech, MetalCraft and Impinj, all who continue to provide us with the highest quality RFID readers and RFID asset tags. You can view a full list of our hardware options in our products catalog.  Our catalog also highlights the different asset modules we offer to our clients. TIPS members receive a substantial discount on each module as well as an incentive to bundle the modules together.

View our Product Catalog.

For more information on how to become a TIPS member, visit www.tips-usa.com. To learn more about how our asset tracking and RFID software can help your company be more efficient in your inventory process, contact steve.young@ipmasset.com.