IPM Asset Solutions (IPMAS) shows Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) attendees the speed and efficiency of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset tracking.

The IPMAS business development team attended TABSOCON 2018 held in Ft. Worth in February and reported a positive response to their “Inventory Round Up” race at their booth. Over 3,000 Texas school district officials attended TASBOCON and many stopped by the IPMAS booth to see the RFID reader in action.

“We have attended TASBO for several years and in the past, we focused on providing education showing how school districts can protect themselves against EDGAR violations by implementing an end-to-end inventory tracking system, featuring our Holistic Asset Management System.™ This year, we took a lighter approach and created a race for attendees to see who could perform an inventory check on a set of personnel files quicker, either using a barcode reader or a mobile RFID reader,” Craig Sadler, IPM’s CTO said.

Of course, the RFID reader won every time, as it scans the whole pile of files instantaneously. Many of the conference participants had attended our educational sessions in the past. One school district warehouse supervisor commented that he was still using the IPMAS presentation from 2016 as an outline of how to learn more about efficient, simple, and accurate asset tracking systems for school districts.

To learn more about the IPMAS Holistic Asset Management System™ and how it can improve inventory systems across nearly any industry, contact Steve Young, COO at steve.young@ipmasset.com.