We are a diverse team from a variety of industries – law, technology, military, health care, education. Our unique backgrounds ensure that we are able to understand the challenges faced by our clients, regardless of what type of work they specialize and what types of assets they need tracked. Our Holistic Asset Management System is an RFID inventory solution that can work in any environment.

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Why IPMAS?  In a word – value! The IPMAS market approach is to provide services comparable to large corporate consultancies/providers at a lower price point.  Off-the-shelf software is inexpensive but inflexible, requiring the end-user to change business operations and processes to fit the software.  Our experience has shown that large corporate consultancies offer customized software and services similar to IPMAS, but at higher costs due to their greater overhead expenses.  The IPMAS team has experts with experience working for larger RFID consulting, design and implementation companies, but we keep our operating costs extremely low and pass that savings onto our clients.

IPMAS’ value proposition is based on our specialized expertise and ability to deliver a high level of service in support of its customized asset management tool, all at significantly lower costs than those larger corporate consultancies. We can create any level of asset management or RFID inventory solution your business needs, from an end-to-end solution, to a solution built into an existing inventory process. Our unique approach to customization makes our RFID inventory solutions affordable and efficient to implement.

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Custom reports, end-user input in the total process, 24-7 Tech support – These are a few ideas that set us apart from other asset management vendors; we understand that each client will have unique needs. We take a global look at your operations and create an inventory solution that fits. We spend time talking to the end-users who will be most effected by any operational change. We listen to management about what type of information they need and want from their inventory systems. We take the time to listen and learn before we build any new tool; it is what our clients say when asked why they choose to work with us.

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“Even three years after purchasing IPMAS’s RFID system, we are still finding additional uses. The management and support staff are outstanding professional who place customer service and satisfaction as a top priority in their business model.”

Purchasing Director - Independent School District, Texas

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